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LT-410-72-BB: Loudspeaker

Drop ceiling speaker is designed for quick installation in suspended tile ceilings. It features premium 4 in. high-compliance driver, 25V/70V transformer, fine perforation grille, and .147 cu.ft. enclosure. Patented 1x2 assembly with integral T-bar quickly replaces half a non-tegular (2x2) ceiling tile. U.S. patents 7120269, D467579, 7643647.


  • Background music and paging


  • Driver (JR410):  4 in. 15W high-compliance driver with 10 oz. magnet. Frequency response of 67Hz-16kHz (±6dB) and 53Hz-20kHz (±8dB). Average sensitivity of 90.8dB measured 1W/1M. Conical dispersion 170 degrees.
  • Transformer (TLM-572):  Dual voltage 25V/70V transformer with primary taps at .25, .5, 1, 2, 5W
  • Enclosure (8XD4):  0.147 cu.ft. steel backbox with speaker leads that exit through a metal clamp for fast connection. Black.
  • Grille with Subplate (1 x 2):  Fine-perforation white grille provides maximum free-air space for excellent sound transmission while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance in new or existing tile ceilings. White.
  • Mounting Aids:  Patented integral T-bar supports neighboring non-tegular ceiling tile. A hole in one corner and restraint tab diagonally opposite allow (two cable) code compliance (cables not included).


  • Made in the U.S.A. with global components


  • The drop ceiling speaker for suspended tile ceilings shall be Lowell Model No. LT-410-72-BB. The 1'x2' system shall replace half of a non-tegular 2'x2' ceiling tile or one-fourth of a non-tegular 2'x4' ceiling tile and shall include an integral T-bar to support adjacent ceiling tile. Each speaker system shall include a factory-mounted driver mounted to a subplate with a fine perforation steel grille finished in white powder epoxy. The driver shall be 4 inches with a power rating of 15W. It shall have a magnet weight of 10 ozs., frequency response of 67Hz-16kHz (±6dB) and 53Hz-20kHz (±8dB), and average sensitivity of 90.8dB measured 1W/1M. The system shall include a factory-mounted dual voltage (70V/25V) transformer with primary taps at .25, .5, 1, 2, and 5W, and a .147 cu.ft. steel backbox with black powder epoxy finish. Speaker connections shall exit the enclosure through a metal clamp.

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